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Our Project 52 Week 26: Photographer’s Choice

In times of stress, I turn to photography.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that when I’m sad, when I’m stressed, when I’m upset, I pick up my camera, slap on my macro lens and shoot.

Let me start by saying that I haven’t picked up my camera that much at all this month. I haven’t been inspired etc etc etc.

Sunday, I came home from the grocery store, and was ready to climb back under my covers and hide.

As I passed by my dinning room on the way up the stairs, the light was hitting my peonies on the dining room table just so…..


Photographers Choice Peonies

Settings: f/10 1/125 6400

And just like that…I picked up my camera and ……


our project 52 week 26 peonies

Settings: f/10 1/100 6400

our project 52 week 26 peonies

Settings: f/10 1/100 6400

Our project 52 week 26 peonies

Settings: f/10 1/100 6400

This week’s theme is the photographer’s choice.

When we started this project, it was with a bang! But of course, mid year and people’s lives change, they get busy or just lose interest.

I feel like Our Project 52 has hit that point. After all, half of the year is over!

We ,however, are going to continue this project.  I intend to intentionally pick up my camera every week. Because I need an excuse, or else it won’t get done.

And this is a photography blog after all. You deserve to see pretty photos and learn something about photography every week.

So Our Project 52 will continue. If  you want to join, welcome, if not, I understand. The linky will still be there.

And even if you don’t participate, I hope you stop by every week to learn something new about photography.

Or just to enjoy the photos.


Now head over to see what Mimi has chosen to photograph this week!



our project 52 everydayeyecandy.


Wednesday 8th of July 2015

Those pictures are beautiful! I obtain beautiful pics on a whim... I have an awesome camera but sadly have no idea how to use it, basically I am using my DSLR, as a point and shoot. An injustice I am aware, I promise it is on my bucket list to take lessons. FOr now I will live vicariously through your images:)


Monday 6th of July 2015

All of these are on my list. I took for granted living close to the beach when I was up north. Now I miss it so much. A short drive to feel sand on my toes is worth it!

Stephanie C.

Saturday 4th of July 2015

Love those photos! It's great to just let yourself be inspired and photograph what you love. I'm still learning more and more about my camera, but it definitely is fun to be inspired by something, photograph it and then discover the results.

Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

Saturday 4th of July 2015

Your photographs are just stunning! I love peonies. I do a lot of work with my camera, but I also try to pick it up and just work on getting better for fun. I love taking pictures and coming back to the computer to discover what I've done.

Tami Q.

Friday 3rd of July 2015

Oh I love photographs of flowers. The black background is perfect for these pink flowers. If I decide to participate in the weekly linkup, do I start with week 27 or the first week's item?