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Random Thoughts from Quarantine

I thought I knew homeschooling wasn’t for me. I WAS RIGHT.

I used to say if I had more time, I would catch up on laundry. THAT WAS A LIE.

Oh, now I have time to exercise…I say as I walk past my Peloton to get a cookie.

I may never wear pants without elastic again. #dontjudgeme

Screentime limits..what’s that?

I would rather walk across hot coals than cook another meal right now.

I miss Target the way it used to be: strolling down Aisles randomly placing things from the Magnolia line in my cart, buying toilet paper with no limits…

My hands are beyond dry from all this washing.

Who knew a car ride to nowhere would be the highlight of my week?

Chick fila is like a high priced perfectly cooked steak right now: it’s a treat. 

I spent years at work wearing a mask all day. I have found scrubs, OR hats, nursing supplies…but no masks.

Also, why are masks the new fashion statement?

I have more hair on my body than I’ve had since I was 10.

I miss my high priced latee. It’s a lie that you can recreate it at home.

I want to hug my mother.

While I appreciate ebooks, I want to go to the library or the bookstore and browse before buying.

I miss randomly trying on dresses at…what every store I have decided to wander into.

Remember when we used to say: that meeting could have been an email? Well, that zoom could have been one too.

Me doing the budget: Oh we’re not spending any money…oh look at my grocery bill..

I love my husband. But he and I were not meant to coexist in 2600 square feet 24/7.

I want to go somewhere, anywhere, on a plane.

But I’m not crazy, I’m just saying…

I kill plants, but I’m about to start gardening.

Oh, I’m going to have all the time to finally organize! That was a lie…

Either the day flies by and I wonder, what did I do all day?Or the day drags by and I wonder: WHAT DID I DO ALL DAY?!?

Oh and I want chickens.

Every time Pookah coughs or sneezes or wakes up stuffy…I worry


Tuesday 21st of April 2020

Thanks for this. I’m inspired to write this in my journal.