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Saturdays ( A Photography Project) Week 15

This week’s edition of Saturdays is low on photos because….we didn’t do anything.

I swear.

CDub decided he  wanted to go to breakfast on Saturday for Father’s Day instead of Sunday.

He deemed it cheat day from our “diet”.

We headed over to Egg Harbor Cafe( one of my favorite Gluten Free Spots from this post remember?)

Turns out, the only person who had meat was Pookah. SMH.

I stuck to a veggie omelet and he got some veggie Eggs Benedict thingy that he said was good.

Pookah brainwashed me into a trip to Toys R Us for Skylander toys and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day obsessed with that.

I slept.

Then got my eyebrows done.

Then slept some more.

That’s it.
saturdays week 15



saturdays week 15 iphoneography

saturdays in iphoneography


week 15 iphoneography saturdays


saturdays in iphoneography


saturdays in iphoneography week 15


How was your Saturday?

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See you next week!


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