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My Checklist for Traveling with a Gluten Free Child

We are on our way back from San Francisco and we had a marvelous time. I often get questions on how we manage to travel and have fun when we have a child with so many dietary restrictions. Traveling with a gluten free child is not easy by any means, but we’ve had lots of practice and I have a checklist that I always follow when we travel. I use this list  when we go on short road trips. Or travel across country or go to Disney. The trick is to always have a plan. I basically plan out our trips around food. Because the child has to eat or he’ll be grumpy. Then his parents will be grumpy, and our trip will SUCK.

So today I am sharing my checklist for traveling with a gluten free child that I use every time we travel.   Because it might help someone else….

Traveling when gluten free can be a bit tricky! But with planning it can be done. Check out my checklist for traveling with a gluten free child.  #glutenfree #glutenfreetravel #travel #foodallergies #celiac

  1. Gluten Free Snacks. Because plane rides and car rides demand snacks for any child. AND having gluten free snacks on hand help us be safe until I can arrive and get safe food for Pookah to eat.
  2. The App Find Me Gluten Free: Usually I do a lot of research beforehand to find out what restaurants are nearby that have either gluten free menus or are dedicated Gluten free facilities. I look for trusted restaurants that we love and grocery stores where I can buy things like rotisserie chickens, yogurt, and other basic gluten free staples that we love.
  3. Hotels with either a kitchen or a microwave and refrigerator: For the above reasons. If the hotel has a full kitchen, I can cook basic meals like breakfast and have basics for lunch in case we don’t have much time. If I at least have a microwave and refrigerator, I can heat up frozen food and keep basics like lunchmeat and yogurt.
  4. 2 Epipens: Because if all else fails, and something goes terribly wrong, I can be prepared and save my child’s life.
  5. A map of hospitals and clinics near us for AFTER the Epipen. I basically have one programmed on my GPS. Just in case.


Does your child have allergies? What do you do to prepare for travel and keep your child safe?

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