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10 awesome video tutorials for Instagram Tips

Since the algorithm changes last year, everyone is looking for Instagram Tips to help them grow on Instagram. Even though it is a visual social media platform, there is so much more to consider than just pretty photos! If you are a newbie, you want to know how to get started, if you are just getting into Instagram Stories, you might want to know how to make yours stand out, you might want to know how to use hashtags, and the list goes on and on!  I’ve pulled together a great list of You Tube Videos that have great Instagram tips to help you grow your Instagram account.

Check out these Instagram Tips for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to help you to grow a better Instagram account with advice, photo editing tutorials, and help with Instagram Stories

These 10 videos are full of helpful Instagram tips to help you grow your accounts and be more creative.

1. How to get started on Instagram even if you are 7 years late

Instagram and social media guru Sue Zimmerman gives great tips for those who are JUST starting out on Instagram.

2. How to get more followers on Instagram

You Tuber Nika Erculj gives great tips for getting more followers on Instagram.

3. Taking and Editing Instagram Photos

Great tips for staging photos, taking photos and editing tips to make your photos pretty!

4. 15 Types of Instagram Photos

Edward gives you lots of ideas and tips for a well-balanced Instagram Feed.  I love that not only does he have great ideas, but he shows you what each type of photos looks like and tips to take them. Great for fashion Instagrammers.

5. 45 Instagram Themes and Filters

If you ever wanted to know how to get a certain “look” on Instagram or wanted to theme your Instagram with the same filter/editing using VSCO check out this video.

6. Start Crushing Your Instagram Stories

Great Tips from Instagrammer Jesse Driftwood on how he uses Instagram Stories to take mundane everyday things and make them unique.


7. Instagram Stories Hacks: Uploading Videos Longer than 15 seconds

Instagram allows you to upload 15 second videos. But what if you want to upload a longer video? Check out this awesome hack.

8.Best Hashtags to Get More Followers

Want to know why you want to use hashtags and want tips to use them effectively and find the right hashtags for your Brand? Check out this great video from the Bloguettes.

9. How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

Great tips on using Instagram as a marketing tool.

10. How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Discover what the big Instagram accounts are doing to grow their business with these great tips from Charlene Johnson.


Hopefully these You Tube videos full of Instagram Tips will help you live your best life on Instagram!

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Instagram tips and tricks from You Tube

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    July 14, 2017 at 10:40 am

    These are great tutorials. I confess my love for IG has waned. This might just be the pep l need after the dismal effect of the new algorithm. Thanks for sharing..saving the post 🙂

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