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September Reading List

Check out my September Reading List. Full of drama, YA, and urban fiction.

My list is short this month. Mainly because I didn’t finish my list from last month. Last month’s list was HEAVY, and as a result, I only got through the fiction and none of the non-fiction.

The majority of the list was non-fiction and I tend to read non fiction MUCH slower than I do fiction. The exception being Educated which was a memoir that was so out there that it felt like fiction.

Caste By Isabel Wilkerson was on my list last month, but I read the first chapter and knew I was not in the mood for it. So I put it aside until when I am. Which given the current state of the world, won’t be anytime soon.

So anyway, left over from last month I have:

I’m going to finish these two because I started them and they are interesting enough to keep me going. Plus I’m trying to read a chapter of non-fiction a day in the mornings as a part of my morning routine.

So here is this month’s shortened list.

September Reading List

Ok that’s all. I really think we should all read or re-read The Coldest Winter Ever this month and have a book club discussion about it LOL.

Want to join me? Let me know!

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