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10 of the Best Hockey Romance Books( in my opinion)

Are you looking to start reading hockey romance novels and don’t know where to start? I’ve got you! From enemies-to-lovers to second chance romances, check out my top picks for the best hockey romance books.

best hockey romance books

Listen. I don’t even LIKE hockey. But somehow, the best books in some of the many many romance series I read happen to have hockey players in them.  I didn’t really notice it was a thing really until I had read what felt like my 20th in a row.  

Then Booktok told me it was indeed..a thing. LOL

There is just something about a professional hockey player shoving players around on the ice ( hockey seems so VIOLENT) then being tender and a sweetheart off the ice that is just so…hot LOL.  Because some of these books are …spicy.


Once I read something good I want everyone else to read it hence this list of 10 of the best hockey romances I’ve read this year. 

Enjoy friends. 

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10 of the Best Hockey Romance Books

1.Mile High (Windy City Series Book 1)

Stevie, a flight attendant with a vow to avoid athlete entanglements, finds herself working for the Chicago hockey team. Their star player, Evan Zanders, is known for his arrogance and string of flings. Sparks fly as their personalities clash, with Stevie unimpressed by his facade and Evan intrigued by her resistance. Despite their initial dislike, undeniable chemistry simmers between them. As they share forced proximity on team flights, they discover a deeper connection that threatens Stevie’s vow and Evan’s playboy reputation. Will they give love a chance, or will their contrasting worlds keep them apart?

This was my into to hockey romance. I acutally read a later book in the series first and was making way back when I discovered this one

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2. The Deal Elle Kennedy

Hannah, a brilliant but intimacy-shy college student, wants a no-strings-attached fling. Enter Garrett, the hot hockey captain known for his bad-boy reputation. Hannah proposes a solution: a fake relationship to appease her grandmother and score him a tutor. Intrigued, Garrett agrees. As they navigate public appearances and stolen moments and playful banter a deeper connection forms. Will their fake romance blossom into real love? ( YOU KNOW IT WILL)

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3. Consider Me by Becka Mack

Consider Me follows Olivia, a dedicated elementary school teacher, and Carter, the NHL’s notorious bad boy. Carter, known for his arrogance and string of conquests, sets his sights on Olivia. However, Olivia is immune to his charms, prioritizing her career and wary of his playboy lifestyle. As Carter persists, Olivia’s resistance cracks. Forced proximity( my fav) and undeniable chemistry challenge their initial assumptions. Will Olivia risk her heart on a notorious player, and can Carter transform for a chance at real love?

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4. Icebreaker By Hannah Grace

At Maple Hills University, ambitious figure skater Anastasia’s world collides with the hockey team’s star captain, Nathan. A scheduling mix-up forces them to share the ice, and disaster strikes – Anastasia’s skating partner gets injured. With an upcoming competition, a desperate coach throws a curveball: Nathan, with his hockey skills, will be Anastasia’s new partner. Despite their dislike for each other – Anastasia hates hockey players, and Nathan finds figure skaters frivolous – they’re stuck training together. As they navigate on-ice mishaps and off-ice sparks, the form a connection. Will they conquer their differences and win the competition, or will their contrasting worlds keep them apart?

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5. Always Only You By Chole Liese

I love a grumpy/sunshine troupe! In “Always Only You,” hockey player Ren Bergman falls for his grumpy coworker Frankie, the team’s social media manager. Frankie, who keeps her autism diagnosis private, struggles with social cues and prefers solitude. Ren, a sunshine personality with a Shakespearean heart, is captivated by her. However, an office romance is forbidden. But when Frankie considers a career change, Ren shoots his shot. Yet, Frankie hesitates to open up, fearing disappointment. As they navigate a slow-burn romance Ren’s unwavering admiration and Frankie’s guarded heart collide. Will Frankie take a chance on love, or will her fear keep them apart?

( note this book is from one of my favorite series and this is one of my favs in the series)

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6.Puck Me Secretly By Odette Stone

A turbulent flight throws Rory and Max together, leading to a um “passionate” promise that Max follows through on. When they land safely, Max disappears, and Rory thinks its just going to be her secret. . Fate intervenes when Max, a star hockey player with a troubled past, turns out to be Rory’s new secret client. Their chemistry reignites, but Max’s hidden demons threaten his career and their connection. Can Rory see past his walls, and can Max confront his secrets to win her heart?

I admit i almost didn’t pick this one up because of the title. It was a bit much lol

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7.The Chase by Elle Kennedy

College freshman Summer finds herself living with hockey players, including the Hot attractive Colin “Fitzy” Fitzgerald. Despite their different personalities – Summer’s is sunshine and Fitzy’s guarded – there are sparks. However, Fitzy’s bad judgment and Summer’s past romantic issues create so much tension. As they navigate forced proximity and witty banter, they start to let each other in. Will they overcome their insecurities and embrace their connection, or will their differences keep them apart?

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8.Breakaway By Grace Reilly

Penny Ryder, coach’s daughter and figure skating dropout, seeks a fresh start. Enter Cooper Callahan, the college hockey star with a dry spell. They strike a secret deal: friends-with-benefits until Cooper becomes captain and Penny completes her intimacy bucket list. Fueled by sex, their casual arrangement deepens. The lines between friends and lovers blur. Will they risk their hearts and expose their secret, or will fear of their fathers’ disapproval keep them apart?

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9. Pucked by Helena Hunting

Violet, wary of hockey players, especially her playboy stepbrother, clashes with arrogant Hockey player, Alex Waters. Despite initial dislike, the have obvious chemistry. Stuck together on team flights, they discover a deeper connection that challenges Violet’s vow to avoid athletes and Alex’s commitment to flings. Will they surrender to their attraction, or will their contrasting worlds and past experiences keep them apart?

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10. Full Measures By Rebecca Yarros

yes, that Rebecca yarrows. Before she got bir with Iron Flame she wrote some of the most heart wrenching romances i’ve ever written. Including this one that I consider Hockey adjacent.

Ember Howard’s world shatters when her soldier father dies in action. Thrust into the role of caregiver for her younger siblings, she grapples with grief while her mother crumbles. Suddenly, her high school crush, Josh Walker, reappears as her neighbor and her brother’s hockey coach. Their rekindled connection offers comfort, but Josh harbors a secret that could shatter their new relationship. Can Ember find the strength to love again, and will Josh risk everything for a chance at happiness?

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Hopefully you will enjoy the best hockey romance books that I could find from recommendations from booktok and what I have read myself.

have you read any of these? Tell me your favorite!

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