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20 Must-Read Romance Novels by Black Authors

In the mood for a romance novel? Check out these 20 must-read romance novels by black authors to add to your reading list.

romance novels by black authors

I love romance books. There is nothing better than a love story than more love stories with happy endings.  So in honor of black history month and the month of love ( February),  I have gathered this list of black romance novels. 

To be clear, these are books where one or both of the main characters are black characters. 

Because black voices and black love matters.

I have included some of my favorite black romance authors on this list .  these must read romance novels include some of my favorite tropes: second-chance romance, historical romance novels, romantic comedies, a fake relationship, fake dating, and lighthearted contemporary romances., real feeings,  

So lets get into these love stories written by black writers about black women. 

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20 must-read romance novels by black authors

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