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50 Black Instagram Influencers You Should Follow RIGHT NOW

How many Black Instagram Influencers do you follow? If you struggled to answer, let me help you out.

Everyone knows by now that Instagram is my jam. Every now and then, these lists come out  of “influencers you need to follow” etc etc. I look at these lists and never see my tribe.

Never see my friends. Never see all the creativity that flows through my Instagram feed. Never see the MELANIN RICH BEAUTY OF BLACK WOMEN on these lists.

So, I decided to fix that. And give you MY list of Black Instagram Influencers.

Now this is not a definitive list. There are too many of us. But this is a start.

It’s proof that we are here, we are flourishing, we are in fashion, we design, we travel, we cover the media, we write books, we make art, we are activists, we run media empires, we own our own businesses, we host conferences, we are moms, we are wives, we set trends.


So on this first day of Black History Month, I’m giving you MY list. Enjoy. And share it. The world needs it.






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4 @clumpsofmascara


A post shared by Brittany (@clumpsofmascara) on

5. @harlemlovebirds


A post shared by Quiana (@harlemlovebirds) on

6. @rattlesandheels


A post shared by Adanna Dill??? (@rattlesandheels) on

7. @sgardnerstyle

8. @lovebrownsugar


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9. @glitzngrits



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11. @jodiepatterson


A post shared by Jodie Patterson (@jodiepatterson) on

12. @stylenbeautydoc


A post shared by Danielle Gray (@stylenbeautydoc) on

13. @fabhautemama


A post shared by MJ #MamaHaute (@fabhautemama) on

14. @oneikatraveller


A post shared by Oneika Raymond (@oneikatraveller) on

15. @babyshopa


17. @tiffinigatlin



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19 . @itsreallykita


A post shared by Kita ?? (@itsreallykita) on

20. @gorgeousingrey


A post shared by Ty Alexander (@gorgeousingrey) on

21. @brandijeter


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23. @glamnellie

24. @jenniferborget

25. @momsincharge


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26. @natashanicholes


A post shared by Natasha Nicholes (@natashanicholes) on

27. @bernettastyle


A post shared by Bernetta (@bernettastyle) on

28. @thecrunchymommy

29. @amiyrahm


A post shared by Amiyrah (@amiyrahm) on

30. @thedanifaust

31. @luvvie


A post shared by Awesomely Luvvie (@luvvie) on

32. @mamaliciousmaria


A post shared by Maria Smith (@mamaliciousmaria) on

33. @mariedenee

34. @afropolitanmom

35. @fromcarpools2cocktails


A post shared by Amber (@fromcarpools2cocktails) on


36. @thedudemom

37. @asiyami_gold


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A post shared by Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold) on

38. @mommytalkshow


A post shared by Joyce Brewer (@mommytalkshow) on

39. @lovepeacemommy


A post shared by Ari Adams (@lovepeacemommy) on


41. @kiwithebeauty

42. @mommyweek


A post shared by MommyWeek™ {Ashley} (@mommyweek) on

43. @raisingself


A post shared by Samantha Sophia (@raisingself) on

44. @demetriallucas

45. @milknhonee


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48 @talktoamber


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49. @alex_elle

50. @justicefergie


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Add your favorite Black instagram influencers in the comments! I can’t wait to follow more!

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