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Books I read in October 2023

I read 13 books this month.

Out of this months books: one was an arc, one was a new kindle unlimited, were hardbacks and one was listened to on audible.

One popular fiction, two memoirs, and two romances( one that was christmas themed)

I did DNF two books: one with an age gap romance. I was sad to as it was a book that I had been anticipating for a long time.But she was under 25, and the age gap was like 16 years. It was too much for me.

The other was a romance that was just slow. SO SO SLOW. I lost interest.

Anyway, I love seeing the mix of how I read these books every month!

Out of the 13 books I read this month, I chose the five I thought were worth talking about and reviewed them below!

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What I read in October 2023

Anyway, what did you read in October?

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