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25 Classic Books by Black Authors that Everyone Should Read

Check out these 25 must read classic books by black authors ( fiction, non fiction and poetry) that everyone should add to their reading lists.

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I find that every year during Black History Month, there is a proliferation of lists about the “best black___this that you should ____” during black history month.

Yes, I know, I’m doing the same!

BUT black voices should be celebrated every month, all year round without being limited to 28 days.

One of the best ways to do this is through literature. It’s where we tell our stories, our history and our struggles and share our joy.

I have shared books by black authors before, but with this post I wanted to highlight 25 classic books by black authors that are not just for black people but for everyone.

I defined classic as anything before the year 2000. Broad yes, but I wanted to include a full range of stories that show a huge range of black stories from despair, to showcasing the downtrodden to uplifting and hopeful to straight entertainment.

Because they are not just BLACK stories, they are the stories of PEOPLE.

They are stories of the history of America, the hopes of America and the dark places of America.

And each and every one of them is a must read.

I’ve read about 90% of this list at least once and that 10% is on my list for this month. Along with re-reading some that I haven’t touched since high school and college.

Hopefully, you can find something that you enjoy or learn from or can’t stop thinking about on this list.


25 Classic Books by Black Authors that Everyone Should Read

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