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5 Easy Mantras For Your Kids

Want to instill confidence in your child? Check out these 5 easy mantras for your kids to say every day and watch their confidence soar.

5 easy mantras for your kids

Easy Mantras for Your Kids

I remember as a child, how exciting the first day of school was: brand new bookbag and lunchbox, the smell of a new box of crayons, and new and old friends to see.  I saw the same excitement in Pookah’s face when he got ready for his first day of 4th grade.

This Year, I decided to Be different…

Usually, the first day of school is a mad rush to wake up on time, get ready and out the door. We did lots of affirmations and prep talks hurriedly in the car on the first day last year, but this year, I decided to try something different.

Over breakfast, I asked him if he was concerned about anything or wanted to talk about anything at all before the first day.

He blurted out a confession:

“I’m worried that this year will be harder. Last year was really hard, will this year be even harder? Will I still be able to make good grades? “

I had to pause to make sure I was going to answer the right way. Because I want him to know it’s ok to HAVE these feelings and I want him to always share them with me good or bad.

Because these conversations between us are part of what is so good about our relationship. I decided he needed a pep talk, mantras even. Something to remind him of what he can do. I came up with these easy mantras for your kids.

What I reminded him of and mantras that I made him repeat…

1.You can do anything you put your mind to.

First day of school conversations

Last year he was so scared of the new teacher and classes he would have, and if he would be able to understand the homework.

I want him to always remember that he has the power. He has the power to learn, to behave, to follow the rules or not.

Because he can. But I want and need him to believe it.

2.You are smart.

He only started to believe this at the end of the school year last year.  I want to remind him that he can do the work!

Yes son, your classes will be hard this year, just like last. Maybe even harder. But don’t forget the knowledge you already have.

Ask questions and make sure you understand.

3.You do your best.

First day of school convos

Just like last year, when you didn’t know where to start, when everything was so new, you still did your best. This year, I want you to do the same!

No matter what, always put forth your best effort. Even if you are unsure, don’t let that keep you from doing the best you know how.

4.Your parents love you and support you in everything you do.

make sure you look good on the first day of school

We struggled last year too. That new math! We struggled to learn it just like he did! But we stuck to it so that we could help him succeed!

We want him to know that he has our unconditional love and support always. We are here to help him succeed.

5.You are going to have an awesome day

walking together on the first day of school after saying these easy mantras for your kids

Because saying it, makes you believe it. And believing it is half the battle.  

Through all of this, he nodded his head, and I could tell he was listening closely and taking it all in. I hope so!

We say these mantras every day. Even when we are not at school. And he doesn’t have to repeat after me. So save these easy mantras for your kids. I promise you, they work.

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Saturday 25th of August 2018


I have been a lurker on your site for a while now primarily because I really haven't had the time to read blogs lately. Today, after downloading some photos from my camera I decided to go through email and I remembered I had a new email from your page and I'm so glad I sat and read it. It brought tears to my eyes. The love just flowed through your words and I'm sure your son is going to have an awesome year! I love the photos and the sincere thought you put into raising a fine young man. Congratulations on a job well done, even though it is a work in progress. I've been very skeptical about doing "A Day In The Life" posts because my life is very hum drum and no little ones to document, but this has given me some inspiration to try and start something. I look forward to reading more. Have a fabulous weekend!


Saturday 25th of August 2018

Thank you for coming out of lurkdum!!!!