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How To Make A Latte At Home

How to make a Latte at home even if you don’t have an espresso machine! Check out this basic recipe and tips to get you started!

how to make a latte at home

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I miss my lattes. I miss driving to my favorite coffee shop, ordering and sitting by a window while sipping and people watching.

I’ve spent this year, learning how to make some of my favorite beverages at home. Including a latte. Most people aren’t really aware of what exactly is in a latte besides coffee and steamed milk. But never fear friends! I’m hear with a basic recipe and tips whether or not you have an espresso machine to help you make a latte at home.

What you need to make a latte at Home


Espresso beans are dark-roast beans. Espresso is a concentrated coffee made when hot water is forced through finely ground coffee under pressure. It’s STRONG. The  longer roasting time creates a full-body taste with less acidity that is ideal for espresso drinks.

Espresso is perfect for the specialty coffee drinks you get in your favorite coffee shops like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

If you have an espresso machine at home it’s easy to make. Other alternatives are a single serve Nespresso, or a Moka Pot on your stove.

But if you don’t have espresso, medium-dark roasted beans will give you espresso-style coffee by using a Keurig or using strong instant espresso or coffee.


What makes a Latte stand out is the Frothed Milk. If you want a rich creamy latte, use at least 2% milk. If you want something low fat or not as creamey, 1 % or skim . Frankly, any milk will do. I’ve always used almond milk or soy. and the latte is perfectly creamy.

The foam for a latte is created with hot steam is forced into the milk through the steam wand. This gives you milk that is silk smooth that baristas call microfoam.

TOPPINGS and/or syrups

If you want to add additional sweetness and flavors to your coffee, you can go for it! Most people love cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla or pumpkin syrups if it’s the season for it!

How to make a latte at home with an Espresso Machine

Ok, so if you have an actual espresso machine with a steam wand, here is what you do:

Make a Double shot of Espresso

For every latte you want to make, make a double shot ( 2 oz) or espresso and pour it into your cup. ( a Latte Mug is perfect for this). If you want your espresso weaker, only brew one shot ( 1 oz).

Froth Your Milk

Pour your milk of choice in a frothing pitcher and steam it using the wand on your machine. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature is 150°F.You may burn the milk if the temperature rises above this. Hold the wand half an inche below the milk’s surface so that you get enough froth.

Pour the milk into your cup. Take your time and pour slowly so that the milk pours first and the froth follows at the end.

How to Make a Latte at home without an espresso machine

Even if you don’t have a fancy espresso machine, you can still make a Latte at Home! All you need is a recipe and few tools.

If you have a Keruig or Nepresso, that will make it easier of course. But if you don’t have either of these machines you can still make a great latte!

Make the coffee:

Remember that espresso is what makes a latte. So if you don’t have espresso, you will at least need a very strong coffee. Make enough to fill one-third of the cup.

You Can Still Froth Your Milk

After you have brewed your coffee, you will need to add your milk.

You have a few options for frothing.

First, microwave or heat your mil, making sure not to burn it. Pour your frothed milk( tips on how to froth your milk below) into the cup slowly.

Bam…homemade latte without an espresso machine

Tips to Froth milk without a frother

making a latte at home with a frother

Frothed milk is a key ingredient in your latte, so knowing how to froth milk even without a frother a home, is important!

Check out these 3 ways

Shake the milk in a Mason jar

Mason Jars are perfect for frothing milk. Simply place your heated milk in a mason jar, screw the lid on tight and shake the jar until you create the froth.

Use A Whisk 

This one takes a little more arm power but it’s just as simple. If using a handheld whisk, vigorously move your whisk back and forth to create foam.

Use a handheld Milk Frother

This one is my favorite! If you are serious about your coffee, you MUST HAVE a Handheld Milk Frother in your arsenal. They are cheap and easy to find on Amazon. Simply heat your milk and place our frother into the cup. Turn it on and FOAM!

Automatic Milk Frother

This is in my opinion, the easiest way. It’s as simple as pouring your milk into the automatic milk frother, setting the temp and turning it on. I have this one.


a latte at home
  • If you want to add flavored syrups to your espresso, add it to your cup FIRST. Then Brew the espresso OVER the syrup to help it to dissolve.
  • Whole Milk makes thicker and creamer foam that blends better with the espresso. If you don’t do dairy, Oat Milk has the best froth.
  • Just ground coffee is best. Pre-ground coffee loses it’s flavor and aroma over time.

Ok friends that was today’s lesson in coffee making!

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