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How to Make the Best Pour Over Coffee at Home

In case you didn’t know, I start every morning with coffee. Ok, let me clarify: I usually wait until everyone has left my house and then I make my coffee and drink it in sweet peace.  Most of the time I use my Keurig because I’m just so so busy!  But about once a week ( usually on a Saturday morning) I take the time to make a cup of pour over coffee.

How to make pour over coffee in your home.

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I love pour over coffee. It’s the new in thing in all the coffee shops around Atlanta, but I’ve had a Chemex FOREVER. I love pour over coffee and being able to make it at home with my “special coffee” is one way I treat myself. Usually on the weekend. If you follow my Instagram Stories you see me make pour over coffee often with my Melitta or my Chemex. The last time I posted a story, I got a few questions. Most of you wanted to know what makes pour over coffee special? And how do you make the pour over coffee at home? Since I  believe everyone should experience good coffee, today I’m going to show you how I make pour over coffee at home.

How I Make Pour Over Coffee at Home


What you need:

A Pour over Coffee Maker ( some of my favorites)

A Kettle( I love my Gooseneck kettle)

Freshly ground coffee ( or just really good ground coffee)

Your Favorite Cup


Now, before you I tell you how I do it, let me explain that no cup of pour over coffee is the same. Every cup of coffee I make this way is different. But still good. But I know this and I enjoy the process. It’s almost soothing.


Here are the basic steps to make pour over coffee at home

1. Boil your water

I heat my water in a gooseneck kettle on my stove, and after it comes to a boil, remove it for about 30 seconds.  If you are using an electric kettle, you want it at 205 degrees.

2. Grind your Beans

pour over coffee techniques at home

Most of the experts who brew pour over coffee stress having freshly ground beans for your coffee. If I have the time, I do this when my water is boiling. I will also admit that I don’t always grind my beans  like most of the experts do. I usually go to the farmer’s market and buy a freshly ground bag of coffee there. Listen…it’s still good. I’ve even used coffee from the bag in the grocery store. It still works.  So how much coffee do you need?  I’ve read that you usually need 3 tablespoons of coffee for every one cup of water. It varies for me. Once you have been doing this a while, you will know how much coffee YOU need to make the perfect cup.

3. Prep your filter

This is optional depending on what type of pour over coffee maker you have.

I don’t always do this. *runs and hides from the experts*

The main reason to do this is to prevent the paper taste from finding it’s way into you coffee. So before the coffee goes in, rinse the filter with hot water before the coffee goes in.

4. Let it Bloom ( saying borrowed from Christa David)

The first pour is the most important and is known as the bloom pour. This pour saturates all of your coffee grounds. Wet the grounds evenly, just enough to saturate them. You should pour in slow steady spirals to keep it even.  This helps to make sure that your final pour of water will make it’s way through the grounds for the brew.

5. Brew Your Cup

let it bloom with your pour over coffee at home

After your coffee grounds have had time to bloom, ( about a minute) slowly pour the rest of the water over the grounds evenly with a circular and back and forth motion. This helps you get more flavor and is the key difference between pour over and traditional drip coffees.

Once the coffee has completely filtered through, taste your results. Is it too strong? Too weak? Just right? Keep in mind what you did and make it a game to find the perfect process for your favorite coffee.

I admit pour over coffee takes work. Which is why I don’t do it everyday and why some mornings I just take myself to a local coffee shop for them to make for me.  But if you are a coffee lover, there is a joy of making your own perfect cup of pour over coffee at home.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, sound off in the comments!

Now, have you ever made pour over coffee? What’s your favorite way to make coffee?





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