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5 Easy Ways I Adjusted My Morning Routine For Summer

Summer is here!!! Kids are off of school, no more rushing to get out the door, and we can ease into our day. But as a working mom, I still need some sort of routine or else no work will get done! I got a lot of questions from you guys about how I adjust my morning routine now that Pookah is home for the summer. With just a few tweaks and adjustments, I am happy to say that I’ve adjusted my morning routine for summer! My mornings still start early, but I have given myself a little more flexibility to deal with summer and having a child at home while I work.  


5 Easy Ways Adjusted My Morning Routine for Summer

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I still wake up early and pour into myself FIRST.

During the summer, I wake up at 5:30 am. If you remember, during the school year, I’m up by 4. But in deference to the lazy days of summer, I don’t get up until around 5:30. I still wake up early because I need that quiet time before the day gets started. Before my work day starts, and before I have camps to drive to, activities to enjoy or just a 9-year-old talking my head off,  those 30 minutes between 5:30 and 6 give me peace of mind. I usually read, meditate write in my 5-minute journal and start on at least 32 oz of water I have before coffee. 

I shorted my to-do list. 

In my evening routine, I lay out what my to-do list is for the day. I only allow 3 things on my to-do list during the summer. And only one of those things is a must do, or my Frog to Eat.( Eat the Frog means do the hardest thing, that thing you don’t want to do first).  The rest are mundane tasks that need to get done but are not urgent. I tackle the most important thing on the list first( the Frog)  and then move to anything else on the list. 

I gave Pookah his own summer morning routine.  

Pookah wakes up somewhere between 8 and 9 am.  I have given him a list of chores that HE MUST complete before any game time.   Kids do better with routines, even in the summer! His is loose, but I can’t have him attached to that computer, Fortnite, or a device all day. Before he comes down, he must make his bed and clean his room.   And before any gaming starts, he must also read at least 15 minutes, do a few review worksheets (We use this one for a general review and this one to work on his writing skills)  and load the dishwasher.  He usually does these without prompting and really, it’s only like 45 minutes to an hour out of his day. 

I work when he’s occupied. 

By 10, while Pookah is off to play his beloved game or off to an activity or camp, I am hunkered down trying to work on my to-do list or have meetings. When his activity is up, it’s usually time for us to get out of the house and enjoy summer. 

I stay flexible

My summer routine is simple and flexible. Pookah is going to a Stem camp for two weeks, so my routine will adjust for that. We are going on a road trip to Grandma’s house, and I will adjust for that. Some days we will go to the pool early instead of in the afternoon and I will either wake up a little earlier or move the majority of my work to the evenings.   But I want to be able to spend my day with him checking off things on our summer bucket list or anything else that comes to mind.  

I always thought that when I worked from home or worked for myself, that it would be easier to be flexible. And it is! But it still takes having a plan so that I can get my work done and STILL enjoy my family during these lazy hazy days of summer. 

I hope this helps you to have an idea of what you want your summer routine to look like. 



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Summer is had for parents but fun for kids. I can't tell if it's the heat but a nice routine to adjust to works great. Thanks for sharing.

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