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My Bucket List: 41 Things in my 41st Year

It's my birthday


Today is my 41st Birthday.


In the past few months, I have realized, is that the time of saying, I’m going to do “that thing” one day or “travel to that place” one day is over.

One day is NOW.

I am in the prime of my life!! The time for thinking what I’m going to do later is over. The time for doing and living is NOW.

So in keeping with that, I made a bucket list. For year 41.

This list includes things that have been on my to do list for years. Some of them since I was in my teens. Some are new ideas, some are just things I’ve been itching to do but for some reason thought I couldn’t..because I’m married with a kid. Some are just things that at 41, I should have done, but haven’t.

These things are happening this year.  I’ll be updating you when I do these things, just to keep myself accountable.

It’s year 41 folks..brace yourself.


Year 41 Bucket list…….

  1. Travel to Cuba
  2. Get my nose pierced.
  3. Date my Husband
  4. Print my memories
  5. Write my will
  6. Make new friends…offline
  7. Get monthly massages
  8. Declutter my life
  9. Take a girls trip
  10. Host a Dinner Party
  11. Learn how to apply eyeliner properly
  12. See new York at Christmas
  13. Write a journal entry everyday
  14. Finish a 365 project
  15. Go 24 hours without social media
  16. Go a month without coffee
  17. Create something and sell it
  18. Take a cooking class
  19. Stay in a 5 star hotel, by myself, for a weekend
  20. Try Yoga again
  21. Read War and Peace
  22. Find the Perfect pair of jeans
  23. Go Skinny dipping
  24. Go to a Drive In Movie
  25. Find the Perfect Red Lipstick
  26. Sleep in until 11 am
  27. See A Broadway show
  28. Experience Traditional British Tea Service
  29. Get to my ideal weight
  30. Do a Color Run
  31. Take a Salsa Lesson
  32. Have my portrait taken
  33. Shoot Film
  34. Learn how to order a bottle of wine
  35. Wear a bikini and looks fabulous in it.
  36. Have a true emergency fund
  37. Start a Podcast
  38. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  39. Go to the Opera
  40. Read every book by Jane Austin.
  41. Be Happy

That’s it. Or rather, a lot. It’s going to be a good year….

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