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20  Free or Nearly Free Ideas for Self Care

When I wrote my post on ways to fit self care in your budget, I got a comment that said: “why do you have to budget for self care? There are lots of free things out there.” Yes, that’s true! That post was specifically for those of us who every once in a while have the means to add self care to our budgets but don’t know how. But there are so many FREE ways to treat yo self! To prove my point, this post will show you 20 Free or Nearly Free Ideas for Self Care .

20  Free or Nearly Free Ideas for Self Care

free self care ideas

1.Read a library book

Books are my weakness. Checking books out from the library is the perfect way to save money and it’s FREE.

2.Take a Bubble Bath

There is nothing more relaxed than a bubble bath. FREE 99

3. Call in Sick or Take a Day off

Listen. I am famous for every few months, taking a mental health day. I plan these days strategically. I monitor my paid time off and then I take that day. It’s so freeing and a day doing nothing is just what everyone needs.

4. Watch Netflix

There is nothing like spending a few hours bingeing on the latest Netflix show.

5. Workout

Some of you will say: say what? But taking care of your body is a form of self care. And you don’t need a gym membership to do this. Go for a run in the park, do lunges up and down your’s FREE.

6. Get a FREE Makeup Lesson From Sephora

I had no idea this option even existed until I was there spending my self care budget of the month in Sephora and my sales associate said that I could come back to learn how to apply eyeliner with one of their free classes. They have a variety of classes on makeup application. FOR FREE.

7. Find a Free Museum in your City

Educate yourself and enjoy art or history for free. Most cities have a free day or a free museum for you to take advantage of. Can’t leave the house? Check out these 12 museums that offer virtual tours.

8. Journal

Writing down your thoughts and dreams is free and cathartic!

9. Disconnect from social media.

Don’t go to Facebook, resist the urge to tweet, don’t scroll Instagram. For 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. There is so much noise in the world. Taking time away from it is self care.

10. Go for a Walk

Get outdoors. You can do this on your lunch break, after work, in the morning around your neighborhood. Fresh air is free.

11. Color.

Coloring books are cheap, or download a coloring sheet from the internet. It’s relaxing.

12. Take a nap, or stay in bed all day.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

13. Have breakfast in bed.

Having your bacon and eggs and coffee in bed feels like a treat. It’s not something you would normally do, and that makes it fun and special. Fix those crepes or pancakes or that world-famous omelet and don’t worry about who is going to ask you for some.

14. Meditate.

I do this every morning. Being quiet and listening to your thoughts is self care.

15. Go to bed Early.

I do this regularly. There are some nights where at 7 o’clock, I’m done. My husband can handle bathtime. The dishes in the sink will wait.

16. Have sex

It releases endorphins, helps you sleep good, it feels good..shall I go on?

17. Invite a friend over for a cup of coffee.

Spending time with friends is self care. Especially with coffee.

18. Listen to Music

And sing at the top of your lungs..or have a dance yourself

19. Buy Yourself Flowers from the Discount flower bin in the Grocery Store

I do this every week. It costs me no more than $5 for a bouquet of flowers that will perk right up when placed in fresh water.

 20. Play with a pet.

They say playing with your pet helps to ease stress! And it’s FREE.

This list proves that you don’t have to spend a ton of money for self care. Self care is simply taking the time to do something special for yourself. To take time out for yourself. So those are my 20  Free or Nearly Free Ideas for Self Care.  Do you have any ideas on how to practice self care for free?

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