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5 Easy Tips For Taking Photos At The Beach

I love taking photos at the beach!  One of our favorite summer activities is relaxing on the beach, and since we don’t live NEAR the beach, going to the beach is an epic adventure. The beach is one of those beautiful places you always want to remember and photograph. So if the beach is an epic adventure for you like it is us, here are a few tips for taking photos at the beach.

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5 Easy Tips For Taking Photos at the Beach

Shoot ALL DAY.

Most of us vacation at the beach all day. That means we are there, making memories when the sun is high in the sky. While it can be ideal to get there early in the morning or at sunset to get photos when the sun is less harsh…

taking photos at the beach

The majority of us enjoy our beach days in the middle of the day. Here are a few tips for you for shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is high and the shadows are harsh.


tips for taking photos at the beach

1. Shoot from different angles.  Try from above, get down low. Position yourself so that the sun is not directly in your subjects face.

Great tips for taking photos at the beach in florida

2.Take photos from behind. That way, photos don’t include harsh shadows on your subject’s face.

5 tips for Taking photos at the beach

3.Wait for a cloudy spell. A brief cloud can provide just enough shade to let you get a great photo right on the beach, right in the water.

Capture the Details

So many of our moments at the beach include details that we don’t want to forget.  Don’t forget to capture all the little moments too.

check out these easy tips for taking photos at the beach

My two guys are twins. I always like to document, whatever situation we are in, the little details that remind me of that. The photo above is a perfect example. It was the middle of the day, but I still got the two of them walking( alike) on the beach. Along with their footprints in the sand.

taking photos at the beach

Look for small details and moments like that: the way the breeze lifts the hair away from your child’s face, tiny hands building sandcastles, slathering on sunscreen, a beach wave knocking them down.

taking photos at the beach

Every photo from your beach adventure does not need to be picture perfect. Look for those moments that are perfect for you.


Use Leading Lines

tips for taking photos at the beach

One of my favorite ways to compose my beach photos is to use leading lines. Lines can be straight, curved, parallel or diagonal and should lead towards your focal point or the main subject of your photo. Lines are easy to find on the beach.  

The edge of the water is a perfect line to use. Leading lines work best if they start from the bottom and lead towards a focal point.  In the example below, the line from the water is leading you towards the three people in the ocean….

use leading lines when taking photos at the beach

Keep your Horizons Straight

check out these great tips for taking photos at the beach

A great photo can be ruined by a crooked line. Never more so than with horizons.  Try to get them as straight as possible. If you are like me and sometimes tend to shoot like you are drunk( always tilting to one side or another) keep this in mind when shooting.

keep your horizons straight when taking photos at the beach  

TIP: Leave a little room in your photo for when you crop later. If you are using your mobile device, turn on that wonderful grid feature and use it to keep your lines straight.


Get In the Photo

make sure to include yourself when taking photos at the beach

As  family documentarians, sometimes we are not in the photos as often as we would like. Make sure you hand off your camera or even get a selfie. Remember, these summer photos are about memories. Make sure you document that YOU were there.

Even if you have to be creative!


On Equipment

What equipment you take to the beach is a very personal choice.  I have shot with a DSLR and only an iPhone. A Camera is a camera is a camera. However, here are a few tips to consider:


  • There are sand and wind at the beach and the combination of the two can be dangerous to your DSLR. That is why I always suggest taking ONE lens so that you don’t have to change it and risk getting sand in your sensor.
  • Bring a wide angle lens, at least a 35 mm.  This lens is the perfect storytelling lens and a wide angle is perfect for catching an uncrowded beach for your lifestyle photos.


cameras for taking photos at the beach

  • If you bring your mobile phone, consider a waterproof case like a Lifeproof case. Believe me, the ocean WILL eat your phone if you are not extremely careful.
  • A waterproof camera is also a great idea if you want something just a step above your phone to take photos with. I have both a Canon and Olympus. The Olympus has the added benefit of having wi-fi to transfer those photos right to your phone for sharing.  

Need a few prompts for the beach? Download this graphic on your phone!

10 prompts for taking photos at the beach

Hopefully, these 5 tips will get you started taking photos at the beach!!!! Now get out there and take some photos!

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Headed to the beach? Read these 5 easy tips for taking photos at the beach!   And download these 10 photo Prompts for your beach trip!

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