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Improve your Photos with Leading Lines

The Right composition can take a photo from boring to wow. Leading lines in photography is one of the best compositions to improve your photo.

The right composition can take a photo from boring to wow. Leading lines is one of the bes compositions to improve your photo

There are many rules of composition. These rules help make your photographs interesting and balanced. In other words these rules help your photos look good! What I like about the basic rules of composition are that you don’t need a fancy camera to do them. I use these rules when I’m taking photos with my Canon 6D as well as with my iPhone.

Today, I want to talk about leading lines.

Lines in photography are powerful . In photography, they are used to lead your eye where the photographer wants to go. The lines literally point you in the direction of the subject of the photo. They sometimes start at the bottom of your photo and lead you in. But they can be vertical or horizontal. Sometimes they even lead you out of a photo! Leading lines are all around us. It’s up to us as the photographer to find them and use them to make our photos more pleasing.  Remember, ANYTHING can be a leading line. Let’s look at a few examples:


Using leading lines in a photo helps draw you into a photo.

See how the bridge is leading you to Pookah and CDub? And the pier?


one of my favorite ways to compose a photo is to use leading lines

In this photos, see how the rows of strawberries lead you to Pookah picking the strawberries?


composition leads your eye into the photo to the subjects

Or here where the brick wall and even the tree lead you to these two cutie pies.


Leading lines help lead your eye to the subject in your photos

And here the side walk leads into you to my guys out for a bike ride.

5. And last:

Using leading lines to improve the composition of this photo.

Here you have the line of the surf, the mountains, the clouds, all leading you to what I wanted to be the subject: The golden gate bridge.

So you see? Using leading lines to help tell your story or to help bring attention to your subject is easy peasy.  Once you start looking for lines, you’ll see them everywhere. So go out and practice this week and show me your leading lines!

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