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The Ultimate List of Gifts from Black Owned small Businesses

The Ultimate List of Gifts from Black Owned Small Businesses. Perfect for any occasion or if you just want something for yourself!

There are a lot of ways to support the Black Community: through protests, donating money to local grassroots groups, voting, and educating yourself and your children. But one of the best and most direct ways is to shop Black Owned Small Businesses.

Many of these businesses have been directly and disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic . I believe in sharing, showcasing, celebrating and uplifting Black Independent Creatives. And what better way this year than to support Black Owned Small Businesses than with this ultimate curated list!

Hopefully something on this list catches your eye! Now, let’s get started!

Things for Your Home

Wonderful things just for your home.

Food and Drink

Good things to eat and drink! Found via Instagram word of mouth, and personal use.



Black-owned Bookstores have always been important in our communities. They serve as meeting and gathering places, places to hold poetry readings, or rally's or small talks. Our bookstores have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. A lot have moved online or have o fund me's. The best way to support, is to order a book online.

Things to Wear and Accessories

Most of these were found through Instagram and word of mouth.

Creatives Things for Your Life

This is a section full of art and pottery, and things to make your home and life beautiful.

beauty and self care

Beauty and Self Care

Beauty and Self Care businesses and websites to help us focus on ourselves

health and wellness black owned small businesses

Health and Wellness

Mind body and soul need to work together for us to be fit. These businesses help us get there.


Thursday 19th of November 2020

So thoughtful of you to list the owners of businesses, especially during uncertain and tough times for many. I believe people can trust your recommendations. They all seem so interesting it really great content, even if you don't buy for holiday you can alternatively plan for a birthday anniversary etc.