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Books I Read This Month: February

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In February, I managed to read 9 books.

Technically, a few more, but they were re-reads so I didn’t count them.

Since A Court of Silver Flames was coming out, the majority of the books I read were YA Fantasy books ( 5 in all). I also read one memoir, and 3 works of fiction.

Two of those were by Black authors.

It was actually a very good reading month! I discovered new books, didn’t get disappointed by the ones I was really anticipating and couldn’t put down a few that I wasn’t.

So far this year, I’ve read 19 out of the 115 books I’m challenging myself to read.

According to Goodreads, I’m one book ahead of schedule.

So take a look at what I read this month and tell me if you read any!

Next month’s going to be a busy month, with a lof of books I’ve been anticipating starting tomorrow!

Also, I’m thinking of starting a bookstagram…what do you think?

Books I Read This Month: February

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