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12 Must Read Spicy Booktok Books

Feeling the need for a little spice in your reading life? Dive into this list of 12 Must Read Spicy Booktok books.

spicy booktok books

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I’ll admit, I avoided Tiktok until  I heard about #booktok. And once I went down the rabbit hole and found #spicytok and let’s just say…I was hooked. 

If you have been looking for the best place to find smutty romance books, look no further than spicy booktok. It is a fun community of readers that love a good steamy romance.

But it can be overwhelming of where to start reading! That’s why i have put together this list of 12 spicy booktok books to read right now.

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From forbidden romances to sizzling enemies-to-lovers tropes, these books have something for everyone.  Happy reading!

12 Spicy Booktok Books To Read Right Now

Looking for other books to add to your TBR?