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Letters to My Son: Hopes for the 7th Grade

Dear Pookah,

The last time I wrote one of these to you, it was on your 10th birthday.

Today, it’s your first day of 7th grade.

And not just any 7th grade year.

It’s the year after the pandemic, in the middle of the pandemic, and at the beginning of another surge.

I admit to being nervous.


But not just because of the pandemic.

Not just because you are going back to in person learning after a whole year away.

Not just because it’s basically your first year of middle school.

Not just because of new kids, new teachers.

Not just because I KNOW it’s going to be different than online learning in every way.

I’m nervous for the emotional changes.

I want you to be liked.

I want you to make new friends

I want you to find your tribe, your place, cement those things you love to do.

Junior High is where I started to become more of myself, and I want that for you too.

My hope for you is that this pandemic doesn’t take that away.

That this year is full of growth and discovery and laughter and fun and challenges and just living your best life.

Remember our mantra from elementary school?

I am smart

I am can do anything I put my mind to

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

My mama loves me

My Daddy loves me

I am going to have a great year.

I love you,


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