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How to Photograph Christmas Light Bokeh with Your iPhone

( Updated September 2019 )I wrote this post about Christmas light bokeh with your iPhone  5 years ago and it’s still one of my popular Holiday Posts. I still do this the exact same way I did 5 years ago.

I’ve discovered other ways of course of making Christmas tree Bokeh with your iPhone, but I always return to this simple way. Which is why I am resharing it for you guys this year since I get a lot of questions on Instagram as to how I do it. 

The Camera + app is also available for Android so everyone can make that Christmas tree Bokeh! So enjoy making those Christmas photos and tag me on Instagram when you do! 


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Ahhhh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! By now your tree may be up, or you are planning for it to be up and you are ready to share photos of your Christmas tree all over social media.

Some of the best photos out there are photos of blurred Christmas lights or rather…Christmas light Bokeh.

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is a Japanese term for the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.

Bokeh may seem like something you can only do with a high-end camera and a special lens, but I am here to tell you different!

You can create this bokeh with your iPhone.

Today you are going to learn how to photograph Christmas light bokeh with your iPhone.

Take this photo.

christmas tree boken using iphone


I took this with my iPhone 7PLUS. No special lens.

My secret: The Camera + app

Usually, I use the native iPhone camera to take all of my photos


At Christmas time when I’m ready to take those Christmas photos for the gram, I download the Camera + app specifically to produce Christmas light bokeh.

Here is how:

  • Download the app
  • Open it up.

photograph christmas light bokeh

  • Down by the shutter button, there is a little + sign:
  • Press It

On the right-hand size( if you are holding the phone in landscape mode), there is a little flower with the words “macro” under it.

photograph christmas light bokeh

Hit that button.

Now point your camera towards your Christmas tree………

BAM: blurred, out of focus, beautiful Christmas light bokeh.

photograph Christmas Light Bokeh

Snap the photo. Don’t try to focus. JUST SNAP THE PHOTO

Edit it or Not!

Post it and everyone will think you are the most creative photographer ever!

photography christmas like Bokeh

( edited with PicTapGo App)

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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Thursday 12th of December 2019

Thanks for the tip! I’m gonna try it. Does it matter if I use Camera+ legacy or Camera+ 2?

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Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

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Friday 18th of October 2019

thank you so much the I just found an android app called Insta Bokeh that may is online

Steve Brodsky

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

Works well using camera+ app in macro, lock focus on a subject about 4? from phone, with background lights. You can manually adjust exposure to get the best exposure for subject and bokeh affect in background.


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Thursday 7th of December 2017

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