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Walking through New Orleans

So I just came back from a whirlwind trip to New Orleans with Folgers. While I was SO busy all of Wednesday, I did manage to take some time to walk around the Quarter and take photos. 

Confession: One of the main reasons I was excited to go on this trip was because I knew I could walk around at my own pace and not be rushed by um…folks…

I took a LOT of photos with my Canon, but you know me! I also took a bunch of photos just with my iPhone.  I managed to go through those and I’m sharing those here today on a Friday.  Cause a camera is a camera. 

And I love taking photos in my favorite city. 

walking though new orleans on bourbon street
walking though new orleans
walking though the new orleans


All photos were taken with my iPhone 7Plus and edited in Lightroom mobile. 


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