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10 Not so Scary Halloween Books for Kids

Get into Halloween spirit with this list of fun, spooky and silly Halloween books for kids from Pre-K to 5th Grade that are not so scary!

halloween books for kids

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Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up! The list of reasons goes on and one but lets point out: LOADS of FREE candy, Halloween costumes, Halloween crafts and let’s not forget other Halloween treats made by mom!

Even though Halloween may look a little different this year, we can always look towards our bookshelves ( or the bookstore) to get the whole family into the Halloween spirit with one of these fun Halloween Books for kids that are not so scary! This list is full of fun, spooky, and silly stories for kids from Pre-K to the 5th Grade featuring some of their favorite characters.

Check out these spooky reads!

Not so scary halloween books for kids

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